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Natalia Roberti, L.M.T., L.L.M.T., M.D. and Medical Qigong Practitioner

Additional Modalities

Natalia has been trained in many modalities and given the client’s needs, she can call on any of these practices to best support the healing of her clients. Here are a few of the additional modalities Natalia is proficient in.

Intuitive Massage

Natalia is a licensed massage therapist (L.M.T.) who brings extra intuitive skills to her clients. Many good masseuses can "feel" where the tension and blockages reside in the body. This is one important aspect of Natalia's intuitive massage.

Another more rare aspect in Natalia's gift at receiving impressions related to the blockages. The impressions typically mean nothing to Natalia, but when shared with the client, the client immediately becomes aware of the root cause of the tension. Of course, this gives the client a much greater ability to see and release the root of the tension so the tension can be permanently released.

Be sure that regardless of the modality of healing which Natalia is primarily using with you, Natalia may receive impressions and she has learned that it is best to share whatever comes though.

Contact Natalia today to discover the unique healing approach she can bring to your life.


Reiki is a subtle healing modality first developed in Japan and brought to the west through Hawaii. Reiki is also the name of the spiritual life force or vital spiritual energy like chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Reiki can be used to heal the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Natalia can perform Reiki both locally and distantly. Reiki is performed locally by the gentle placing of hands which transmit the vital spiritual energy to assist in the healing of the client.

Because of Natalia's sensitivity and attunement with vital energy, she is a natural for this healing modality. Contact Natalia today to order your first Reiki treatment.

Norbekov System

The Norbekov System was designed by the Russian psychologist Mirzakarim Norbekov. Dr. Norbekov's system of self-recovery was strongly influenced by both his background as a Sufi and western healing modalities. His method has received huge acclaim and recognition, initially in Russia and now throughout Europe, especially for its benefits in overcoming chronic conditions and illnesses.

This system emphasizes the body's natural ability of self-recovery without medication or external intervention. The method specifically targets

  • Efficient elimination of the underlying causes of any illnesses.
  • Restoring spinal flexibility.
  • Activating the body's innate cleansing mechanisms.
  • Training the emotions.
  • Mastering basic techniques of contact-free auto-massage of internal organs.
  • Recovery of affected organs.

Natalia has been trained at the Norbekov Institute in Moscow. If you are interested in self-recovery without medication or external intervention, contact Natalia so she can share with you this powerful method of self-healing.

Now serving clients in the Sierra Foothills area from Auburn to Grass Valley,
as well as nearby Rocklin and Roseville communities.
Still serving clients in the the Santa Cruz area
from Scotts Valley to Santa Cruz to Aptos on a monthly basis.
Contact us about sessions in nearby counties or remote sessions via telephone.

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